Whatever happened to …

… trunk keys?

I ran into an old key the other day. It was a General Motors key and it had a rounded head on it. It took a while but I think I finally placed it – it was the trunk key to a Chevrolet Impala that I once owned.

Photo by Nicolae Valera on Unsplash

It had a partner key which was kind of squared off and was used for the ignition and the doors. We’ve come a long way, baby.

This was back in the time when having a keyring for your keys was crucial. You might have a number of them on the ring for house, two for the car, two more if you owned two cars …

But that was a long time ago. My current vehicle, a Ford Fusion, has a black electronic key where there’s a button to lock the car, one to unlock, a button to open the trunk, and an emergency key. No remote starter here. There’s a little button and the key swings out to open the car door (if needed) or to start the car. If all that fails, there is a combination lock on the driver’s door.

This is just another reminder of how far we’ve come from the good ol’ days.

For a Sunday, your thoughts?

  • are you old enough to have owned a car with two keys?
  • maybe you still do – any classic car owners here?
  • there’s an even newer way to get into your car than using a key. Does your car have it?
  • there’s a more modern way to get into the trunk, or the current fancy deal, the liftgate on a minivan – do you have it?
  • I can remember the big fear of losing your keys and so had a hideout key which was in a metal box that stuck to the underside of the vehicle. I had one and, other than checking it periodically to make sure that it was still there, never used it

For a Sunday, what are your key memories?

Please share them in the comments below

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7 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, I personally haven’t owned a car with two keys, but I do have a key ring with a rounded key. I wondered what the key was for. Now, thanks to this post, I know that it was the trunk key for my step-dad’s car. This is not his current car, but the one he drove when I first learned to drive. Cars have come a long way since then. Thanks for helping me figure out my own little mystery. 🙂


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  2. I didn’t think I could get used to the new ways to access our new SUV, but I am getting there — push button start, key-less entry, key fob buttons… it was like learning a new language. Sometimes I still use the physical key fob buttons to open or lock even when I know I don’t have to — still learning/adjusting to “touch”. I still clearly recall cars with 2 keys. Interesting to think about the changes to this technology! And now, no CD player… 🙂


  3. I haven’t owned a car that new, Sheila, that has all those bells and whistles. But, I suspect my day will come for that too. I had a loaner car a while back with a rotary gear shift instead of what I’ve used for year. It took a great deal of getting used to.


    1. Second time brand new for us, and it will probably be our “retirement” and “down to one” vehicle. I had to look up what a rotary gear shift was! New to me and, yes, that would be strange!


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