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Curriculum forum members step up

Ontario is very fortunate that we have a Curriculum Forum organized by the Ontario Teachers Federation.  I represented the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario during my term as President.

You can find the complete listing of Subject Group Forum Members here –  

The groups are organized in broad categories

  • The Arts
  • Business Studies
  • Divisional Associations
  • Guidance, Career and Cooperative Education
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Languages and Media Literacy
  • Les associations francophones
  • Library Learning Commons
  • Mathematics
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • Religious Education
  • Social Studies, History and Geography, Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Special Education

Of course, I knew of the Subject Groups of the subjects that I taught, but I had no idea that there were so many active in the province.

In these troubled times, parents are going online looking for teaching resources and ideas for their children, your students.  As we know, just doing a Google search can return great results but can also return inappropriate or, in some cases, very harmful resources.

Who better to provide appropriate Ontario resources than associations that support the regular classroom teacher?  To find resources, just head to the big listing of Curriculum Forum members here, find the desired subject area and look for a Resources section on their website.

For example, OAME (Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators) has this:

STAO (Science Teachers Association of Ontario) has a huge collection of resources including this:

And OAJE (Ontario Association of Junior Educators) shares resources including Financial Literacy.

This is but a start.  Many of the organizations have similar collections.  Some of the resources require a computer and some don’t.  There is confidence that the content is directly related to addressing expectations from the Ontario Curriculum since it has been curated by the organization.  Some content has been ramped up given the current situation and others have resources there on a regular basis.

If your Subject Association doesn’t have content that’s available, it wouldn’t hurt to drop a piece of feedback and ask for direction in finding appropriate resources.  Time is precious; it needn’t be wasted finding resources. A great deal of goodwill can be had by recommending worthwhile Ontario resources.

Most Subject Organizations have a Twitter presence as well.  I’ve created a Twitter list of them and it is available here.


5 responses to “Curriculum forum members step up”

  1. I had a message from a blog reader this morning indicating that, in some cases, you have to be a member to access some of the resources. For the Subject Associations and the profession, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why wouldn’t you want to be a member of an association that supports what you’re doing in the Ontario classroom.


  2. Another organization that actively supports Ontario Educators K-12 is CEMC at University of Waterloo


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  4. Don’t forget ERGO ESL Resource Group of Ontario. Although its membership is only the consultant’s in boards, they have developed many resources over the years.


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