You'll find this puzzling

I still remember the conversation with my mother like it was just yesterday.

If you’re well enough to go outside, you’re well enough to go to school.

The context was being off on a sick day. If I was sick, then darn it, I’d better be sick!

There was always something to do around our place on sick days. We had a huge collection of board games. When they helped us reach the boredom level, we also had a huge collection of Jigsaw puzzles.

Sticking around the house these days brought back those memories and led me again to Jigsaw puzzles. This time, online. And, with a twist.

One of the fun things about doing Jigsaw puzzles was competing for speed against my mother or my brother. While there are a number of Jigsaw puzzle websites available, is unique. You work to solve puzzles online with others!

Just visit the site and jump in! In the screen capture above, you can see me and three other people working away.

To get started, you might find it easiest just to land here and pick a puzzle in progress and get started.

There may come a time when you’d like to take control and start your own game. At that point, you’ll actually have to log in to get started.


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