A second opinion

Earlier, I had shared a resource developed by John Hopkins University to allow internet connected users to track the COVID-19 virus. The post appears here.

The resource lets you check into things with the latest updates added.

Microsoft, through Bing has produced a similar resource. COVID-19 Tracker

As with the John Hopkins University tracker, the data is display in a visual manner on a world map. The size and intensity of the data plotted give you a quick sense as to location and numbers.

Data from the United States can be found by state. The map is zoomable and so you head to the state of interest. Canada’s data is accumulated into a single entry and it’s located in mid-Saskatchewan. You can hover over any identified location for more specific information.

Both resources are good examples as to how powerfully data can be used to illustrate the story behind it.

OTR Links 03/17/2020

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