A colourful chart

It’s funny how necessity takes me in different directions.

I was working on a project over the weekend that required me to transfer content from a Google Document to another format. Copy/pasting was giving me a bit of a challenge in getting the colour correct from one application to another.

So, I went to the Google Document to see what the actual colour was.

“dark orange 1” wasn’t too helpful.

So, I went to the custom setting which seems to inherit whatever colour you have selected on the screen. From there, you can navigate your way around a colour picker to get just what you want. I should note that I don’t have The Gimp installed on the computer as the colour picker from there would have been really easy to do the task.

After I was done, I was wondering about the colour names and the RGB connection and so started poking around and found “Bead list with RGB Values“.

It’s seldom that I need to be that precise with names and colours but I’m tucking this away for reference anyway. Like most people, I suspect, I look for something that is pleasing on the eyes. But, if the need for the name of a colour arises, I’m covered!


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