Amazing art

One of these pieces of art were featured in the past week’s Thought Shrapnel newsletter. I followed the link to the web site of Italian artist Federico Leggio –

The content is copyrighted with “All Rights Reserved” so I’ll respect that and not include any of the original work in this post. A YouTube video highlighting a piece of his amazing work appears instead. It was a contribution to “a word, a week”.

If that inspires you, you need to head over to his website and really dig deeply into his portfolio of work. People who have that skill continue to shock and wow me!

If you look at the comments on the YouTube video, he was asked for a tutorial about how his work is created. He either hasn’t seen the request, or is ignoring it, or maybe working on a response!

But, if you’re working with students and working with digital composition tools, you and your students might be able to make a pretty good guess.

Are there any inspiring artists in your classroom?

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