Whatever happened to …

… my comic books?

Last week’s post about the Batmobile confirmed that I’m amongst my people on this blog! The Batmobile brought all kinds of wonderful comments and memories.

From Andy – Batman climbing up the side of a building and talking to guests of the show…

From Lisa – a remembrance of the Utility Belt. I was always so impressed with the variety of utilities stashed in there.

From Anne – The familiar ending of Part 1 of 2 – “Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel”

But there’s more than the wonderful stuff from the television show. I’m a fan of Turner Classic Movies and, on Saturday mornings, there are old movie serials shown – Three Stooges, Mandrake the Magician, and Batman!

Sadly, no Batmobile in this serial. Just some transportation via some really cool cars – modern at the time but probably worth a whack of money today as antiques.

My relationship goes even further. My mother would give my brother and I a treat during grocery shopping and buy us Batman and Superman comic books. We read them cover to cover – even the advertisements. They also came in a plastic bag and we very carefully kept them stored in a trunk in the attic. They were read over and over.

If I’ve learned anything from watching Storage Wars, pristine comics could bring as much as $40 000. We had a fortune there. 💥💰

Then, the worst happened. I remember getting a phone call while away at university. Our cousins were visiting and got into the trunk and ripped up our prized collection. It was a sad day in comic book land.

For a Sunday, how about your thoughts?

  • were you a comic book collector? Any particular favourite?
  • did you collect/hoard them to read and re-read them?
  • were you intrigued by the 4 colour process used to print comics and how every now and again, things were coloured “outside the lines”?
  • do you ever stop at Chapters or Coles and flip through what passes for comics these days and shake your head?
  • did you ever own one of those big coffee table collections of comic book reprints? (I have no idea what happened to mine)
  • do you feel the whole industry has gone down the tubes with the terminology “graphic novels”?
  • is any reading good reading? Even if it’s comic books?

Please share your thoughts. Just like last week, I’d love to read them.

This is part of a Sunday series on this blog. All of the posts are available here.

Just because I like you, enjoy this “off the record” bonus link.
If the Batman existed, how long would it take before local, state, and federal agencies knew who was behind the cowl based on the equipment used?

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