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January 15, 2019

  • My Week Ending January 13, 2019

    This post would normally be scheduled for an appearance on Sunday afternoons at 5pm. However, this past weekend, I was in Phoenix for a planning meeting for the CSTA Conference this summer. (yes, summer in Phoenix) It was a very busy and draining weekend. I’m guessing this inexperienced traveller was taxed by travelling and time… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 01/15/2019

    The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! Stories via @NancyPeelSB @Teresa_Kelly @JeffDumoulin #onpoli #laurier2023 — tags: IFTTT Twitter The Best of Ontario-Educators 5 Daily The latest The Doug Peterson Daily! Thanks to @MmePerreault @KatyGolinsky @DrStevenMurphy #education #digitaltransformation — tags: IFTTT Twitter Car, Utility and Truck of Year Winners… Continue reading