My Week Ending August 26, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.

Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • Google is famous (or is that infamous) for deleting applications.  This time, it’s Google Goggles.  I remember being somewhere with Peter Beens and I had an app that was dedicated to reading QR codes.  He convinced me to delete it and use Googles to do the same thing and a whole lot more.  I really did like it.
  • I never thought of a phone as being a powerful computing device and never thought that I’d ever own a personal one or use it for computing.  I was totally wrong.  Now, a folding phone?  I will withhold any comment now until I see it.
  • Why not use them all?  I have a specific type of file that I’ll store in Google Drive, another for Dropbox, and another for OneDrive.
  • This was definitely the most retweeted article that I shared this past week.  Teacher-Librarians should all read it.  To repurpose a quote “Libraries as a subversive activity”.
  • I doubt that I’d ever move back to Toronto but I’d certainly visit to see if this vision for Quayside comes true.
  • Again, from Toronto, this is genius.  It’s all about using Twitter to write a book – one tweet at a time.  It’s certainly not a stretch to see it being a classroom activity.
  • Nunavut faces challenges getting teachers.  For the new teacher looking for something more reliable than the occasional teaching list, this could be a real experience for creating yourself as a well-rounded teacher.  And, budgeter.  Things are expensive.
  • I think that it’s a shame that school systems have dropped these things.  In a way, vocational schools have it all over regular schools in terms of producing graduates with experience in these areas. So, of course, let’s close vocational schools.
  • I’m a sucker for anything that says “Teacher Hacks”.  There are really good ideas here.
  • It’s an easy title to write.  Of course, Ford is looking for a fight with teachers.  After all, they’ve supported Liberals and NDP for years.  I think he’d be far more successful, if it’s success that he wants, to take lessons from Bill Davis rather than Mike Harris.
  • This is a very comprehensive set of resources from Concordia University for staff to use around indigenous studies, nicely categorized by topic.  Shouldn’t all school districts do the same?Concordia

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Technology Trouble Shooting 

Last week, I shared the problem that I was having with my Trackpad on my MacBook Pro.  I actually tried a couple more things and I think I have resolved my problem.  Either than or shortened its useful life.

I’m generally very careful with my browser.  I use Opera wherever I can because it’s easy on battery life.  But, one of the things I did to perhaps dry an area inside that I didn’t get with the compressed air – I ran the Vivaldi browser (which can be hard on resources) with a whole bunch of tabs open doing interactive things.  Then, I opened iTunes and did some stuff, and then I rendered some stuff into a movie.  My MacBook Pro was really hot.  The fan was going nuts.

I also killed the Dock process with the command…

$ killall Dock

Then, I turned off the computer and let it cool down.  Upon reboot, everything seems to be running well.  Which worked?  I honestly don’t know.

Video of the Week

How do you execute a command line instruction in OS X so that you could kill the Dock?  And, actually do a whole lot more good things.

My Favourite Photo of the Week

My wife and I enjoyed a coffee in the King’s Navy Yard park.  It a great spot to watch dog walkers, people walkers, boaters, and the ferry going over to Boblo Island.  Amazingly, there came a time when there was nothing in my frontal view site so, naturally, I took a picture.

You can see, if you look closely, the tower from a ride when there was an amusement park on the island, the apartment condos, and the lighthouse tower that the ferry aims for when you’re crossing.

This is the south part of the island which is pretty much left alone.  To the right, you’ll find all the nice new homes.  The public boat dock and restaurant are on the other side of the island.


Thanks for reading.


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