Help with descriptions

This is kind of a helpful site that any profligate and amusing writer might find helpful.  Where do you turn when you need the determinative adverb?

There’s, of course, your traditional valuable electronic thesaurus.  That’s what my respectable elementary education used.  Since then, I’ve turned to my beloved portable computer to do the most gallant deed.

If I’m reading a little more descriptive than normal, it’s because I’m playing around with Describing Words, the website.


It’s incredibly simple.

Just type the noun that you plan to use into the search box and sit back.  “House”, for example, returns 1000 suggestions.  It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate one from the results.

Each suggested word is a hot link to a definition to help you determine if it’s suitable or not.  I can’t help but think that this might be the best feature of all.

Suggesting words is one thing; thinking critically about the word that you want to use and its appropriateness is quite another.

Give it a shot and see if it helps you writing and whether it has a place in your language classroom.

OTR Links 08/07/2018

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