This summer, my Wednesday post has been about the upcoming “This Summer in Ontario Edublogs” to let you know who our guest for the show will be.  Well, the show is supporting voicEd’s Radiothon and will be broadcast live tomorrow at 7am.  Hope to catch you then.

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that I’ve had incredible and inspirational superintendents that I’ve worked for.

One of these superintendents spent regular times with us in the Program Department helping us grow and understand why we do what we do.  It was important that we believe in ourselves and our goals, both district-wide and personal.

One of the resources that he used at one time came from Joel Barker.

To be honest, this learning was done a long, long time ago.  And yet, for me, the message still resonates today.  Whenever I need a shot of inspiration, I can turn to my notes from the professional learning and, though the miracles of YouTube revisit the Star Thrower Story.

I recently found myself questioned and did use what I usually do to gain control.  Typically, it’s a bit of deep breathing.  But I needed more so turned to my notes and the video that I’m sharing above.

It was the inspiration I needed.


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