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There has been so much written about the dangers of blue light and how it affects us.  Until recently, I just considered that it affected the sleep rhythms and didn’t pay much attention to it, quite honestly.  I generally have no problem sleeping, and when I do, I know that I can easily attribute it to worrying about things.

That was, until this week, when I read this research article.

Blue light from phone screens accelerates blindness, study finds

To put things into perspective, I used to work with the wife of my optometrist and have had discussions about macular degeneration.  It scared the hell out of me at the time.  I do know that it’s a discussion that I have when I go in for my annual eye checkup.

Anyway, this article concludes with this advice.

For those wanting to protect their eyes from blue light, Dr Karunarathne advises wearing sunglasses that can filter both UV and blue light outside and avoiding browsing on mobile phones or tablets in the dark.

I’m a permanent eye class wearer and I always make sure that I get sunglasses clipons when I happen to get new glasses.  And, I’m good about wearing them.  In the winter time when the snow and sun make for a bright combination and certainly in the summer time.

Looking at my computers, though, I guess I do have a tendency towards having a nice white background.  As I look at the screen, it seems to do so by making the blues bluer.  I never really thought about it but so many things on the screen are shades of blue.

I went looking.

Of course, Macintosh users have had the ability to use Night Shift for some time now.  Are there other ways of handling it on the other computers I use?  Certainly.

Get Night Shift Feature In Ubuntu and Other Linux

Chromebook How-To: Enabling Night Mode

How to Enable Night Light on Windows 10

They make a big difference.  I’m writing this on my Mint machine so that’s where the screen captures come from.  It’s similar everywhere.

f.lux indicator applet preferences_007

And, of course, there are all kinds of temperatures that you might want to choose from.  Halogen is sort of mid-range.  Even at that, it’s going to take some time getting used to!

I’m not terribly concerned over this as I seldom do any computer stuff in the dark.  But, it’s nice to know that I have options should I get the urge.

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