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Growing up, we didn’t have a radio in our house.  Consequently, I wasn’t on the Beatles fan wagon as a child.  Later, at university, there were other things playing on the progressive rock stations so I pretty much missed their musical genius until they showed up on the oldie stations!

The closest thing that I came to meeting a fan who had gone overboard was a computer science student in Grade 11 who was deep into it.  When it came his time to control the music, there was always something Beatle to be played.

One of the things about the Beatles that still strikes me is that their history had a big list of “places”, whether it was a memorable event like the “Ed Sullivan Theatre” or something that they sang about like “Penny Lane”.


Now, thanks to Google’s story telling features of Voyager and Google Earth, you can see these places where they appear today.

Enjoy Beatlemania.


One response to “Beatlemania”

  1. Really? No radio? Why? I am the complete opposite. Raised on the CBC, including the amazing summers as a kid, when every episode of As It Happens finished with a half hour replay of an episode of classic radio: The Shadow, The Inner Sanctum. Amazing memories, and there’s one episode of the Inner Sanctum that I will never forget, due to a particularly stormy night as we listened.

    Did you have a turntable?


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