No time to blog

There are times when I wonder how I ever get the time to write something for this blog.  I had the opportunity to diagram it this morning.  Now I know.

I ran across the web application Loopy.  It’s branded as a tool for thinking in systems.

I thought of my life as a system.  I may have mentioned once or twice about my furry four-legged friend in this blog.  I decided to give Loopy a try and document our life together.


If you’re curious, you can play my life by clicking here.

It was fun to put this together.  You start with a clean slate and a simple set of tools.

It’s a matter of creating the events (nodes), label them, and then make the connection between the nodes.

If you’ve been around any piece of software for any bit of time, the actions are pretty self-explanatory.  The pencil, maybe a bit more needed.  You use it to connect nodes and it nicely smooths your lines when you let go.  It’s also the way that you introduce new nodes to your drawing.  Just draw a circle on the screen and one is created for you.

The use in the classroom is really evident.  If you need to diagram a system, this is the perfect tool.  It has a number of ways to share the results after the initial creation.

Take a look and see if it fits in your plans.


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