OSSTF Conference

A post from the past, suitable for today.  In Toronto, the OSSTF Educational Services is holding an event – The Educational Services Technology Conference.

Our friend, Colleen Rose is providing the keynote address for the event.  Earlier this year, she had inspired a blog post on this blog based upon one on her blog.  So, it sees appropriate to add it as a Post from the Past this morning.  I know that we all wish her the very best today.

On Thursday, Colleen Rose asked this million dollar question on her blog.

What holds us back from embracing technology in our daily practice?

Now, I could have taken the easy route and posted a reply to her blog but instead, I collaborated with my buddy Peter McAsh to come up with this Top 10 list big list.

Re-read the entire post here.

If you have a chance, check in with her throughout the data on Twitter at @ColleenKR


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