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When I played around with this site, I found that I was retroactively kicking myself.

How many times, when you visit this blog, do you see this image?

At times, when doing presentations, I’d find that I’d want that image (or any other) placed neatly inside a bigger image.  Since the presentation was always about something technical, it’s always nice to see your image on a computer screen.  

My typical routine would be to take that computer or phone image and bring it into Gimp or Photoshop and then add a layer with that image on top.  Then the tweaking, resizing, rotating, etc. would begin as I would spend all kinds of time trying to get it right.  Imagine actually spending that time on content…

If I’d only know about Placeit.

In seconds, rather than minutes or more, I could have an image that looked like this.

The process is simple.  Pick the picture you want and then upload your image to their template when prompted.

The selection of devices is amazing.

And you could scroll for even more.  Not interested in a computer image?  Picture yourself on a t-shirt or any of the other options.

As you could imagine, this is largely a commercial site.  But, if you’re in the need for large, high quality images, you might find the cost worth it to replace the time that you would normally spend tweaking!  There is a free option if you can live with smaller images.


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