Before the storm

It’s the day before the Bring IT, Together Conference.  Your hard working conference committee is at work making sure that everything is under control.  I took my phone for a walkabout.

Everything looks so professional and on topic during the event.

I thought it might be interesting to document it before the doors open to the learning public.

Walking down Stanley Avenue…

Hey, they knew we were coming.

The conference committee will be wearing royal blue jackets, modelled here by everyone’s friend Cyndie.

A typical meeting room.

Going up to the second floor.

Coffee is ready to go.  Teachers must be coming.

Enjoy a stimulating conversation in the Learning Space.

The Mega Minds on Media lives up to its billing.  This room is indeed mega.  I wish I’d counted the number of learning centres.


Take the steps to the Port Coborne Lounge.

Where you’ll learn here with a beautiful view.

The exhibition hall is starting to take shape from the second floor.

and from the ground floor.

Don’t forget to get your brag tags.

See you at the conference.


5 thoughts on “Before the storm

  1. I read the “coffee is brewing” comment, and I thought, “you must know I’m on my way. 🙂 Excited to see everyone soon. Thanks to you and all of the committee members for so much time setting up. It looks great!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Aviva. The preparations do look great but there’s one thing missing. It only becomes a conference when the place gets filled with learning bodies.

  3. I almost wore my collection of brag tags to work yesterday. Thought they’d make conversation starters with my students.

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