Making video work better for you

I can still remember the frustration and panic.

Somehow the remote control for the VCR had gone missing.  How could we use video in the classroom?  Yes, we could walk over to the machine and press play.  That wasn’t the problem.  The problem was good pedagogy lost.  You don’t just play the video; you play it for a bit and then pause for questions and answers before continuing.  How would we survive without the remote!

All this was going through my mind after I watched Carlo Fusco’s demo in the BIT Slam.

His contribution to the Slam was a demonstration of EDpuzzle.  As I noted earlier, this was the highlight for me.

So many people use YouTube videos in their teaching.  They can make for a great multimedia addition to the lesson.  But, could you make it better?  With EDpuzzle, absolutely.  It’s available as an application for Android or iOS or, probably most useful, as an extension to the Chrome browser.

Select the video that you’d like to use – that’s no small feat in itself.

EDpuzzle lets you trim the video to a smaller length for it to be most effective.

Then, even more magic happens.

Use the video scrubber bar to the point in the video where you’d like to ask a question of the class and add it.

As the students watch the video, they’ll be prompted to answer and you can monitor it.

All of a sudden, your video becomes a key contribution to the lesson.  This is definitely a keeper.

Watch their training video here.

Thanks, Carlo, for your demonstration and hopefully the inspiration for the better use of YouTube in Ontario classrooms.

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