The case for classical music

Right off the top, some background.  You’ve probably been reading recently about fake news stories in light of the recent elections.  It speaks to the bigger case of media literacy and I think we all get that.  This post isn’t about that.

There’s the background.

Nobody comes to this blog for news.  (I hope anyway)

You come because I share my learning, dig into various things, and occasionally have some fun with things.  

This post is about having fun.  If you’re looking for something newsworthy, you might as well move on for now.

But, if you want a smile and maybe some thoughtfulness or even a basis for student discussion, then stick with me.

Somehow, as I was doing some background for yesterday’s post about CKLW The Big 8 radio, I ran into this.

It’s a “research project” on music and the results are posted at the website Musicthatmakesyoudumb.

Here’s a quick peek at the top of the chart.  The vertical access has no effect on the data, it’s the horizontal access that matters.  The creator has plotted SAT scores and music preferences.  Since SAT is not a concept that I deal with daily, I had to do some research to understand.



The comments are priceless.  I guess the big takeaway is “don’t mess with people’s music”.  

Personally, I think it’s more about making broad generalizations.  I’ll confess, though, I did spend way too much time looking through the big chart.

It makes me wonder if we’ve been thinking about standardized testing too much.  Maybe we should just check to see what’s on the students’ iPods or Phones.  Think of the money we’d save.  

p.s. If you like this, you might be interesting in booksthatmakeyoudumb.

I may just go out and buy Beethoven’s next CD.  Any idea when it’s coming out?

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