Certifiable, but not verified

Recently, I read a rant about an account that I follow on Twitter for great content complaining that it couldn’t get verified.

Verified accounts, I’m sure you know, have a little badge with a checkmark beside their name and it’s one step that you can use to help verify that the posts from the account have a certain level of credibility.

I guess, in the world of social media, this serves as a source of credentialing.  The criteria, from Twitter, states:

Quite frankly, I did feel that the account in question was worthy and I was surprised to read that the request was denied. 

I wondered what it takes.  Anyone/thing can submit a request to be verified at https://verification.twitter.com/welcome.

So, I checked it out.

I got to step 2 before I got stopped.  Twitter wanted to know my birthday.  With age comes wisdom?  Just for the heck of it, I inserted it and continued on.  Then, it gets kind of personal requiring scanned documents. 

At this point, I lost interest.  There’s not a chance that I would be verified by my own request anyway.  So, while I might be certifiable, I decided not to be verifiable. 

Now, in the big scheme of things, I guess I do give an extra sense of credibility to accounts that have been verified.  But that doesn’t always give them a pass.  There has been gossip and outright incorrect information posted from these accounts so, as always, reader beware.

How about you?  Do you give extra credibility to these accounts?


One comment

  1. I do give some added weight to verified account. From what I understand the verification process takes into some account how likely the account is to be counterfeited. Or that the person is more likely than others to be impersonated. You and I can easily go through the submission process but it is not very likely that anyone is likely to impersonated us. It’s just not worth it. Someone who is the CEO of a large company is more likely to be a target. After all a tweet from them can mean serious profit for some people.


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