Certifiable, but not verified

Recently, I read a rant about an account that I follow on Twitter for great content complaining that it couldn't get verified. Verified accounts, I'm sure you know, have a little badge with a checkmark beside their name and it's one step that you can use to help verify that the posts from the account … Continue reading Certifiable, but not verified


OTR Links 08/18/2016

The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! https://t.co/wTWCNfSAvP Stories via @turnmeluce @JenniferNKing @MsRRReid #etfoam16 #etfo — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) August 18, 2016 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us etfoam16 etfo The Best of Ontario-Educators 4 Daily The latest The Best of Ontario-Educators 4 Daily! https://t.co/t1x6R0syZe Thanks to @Brenda1957Myers @SangermanoMina @Mrs_Gozzard #laurier — … Continue reading OTR Links 08/18/2016