Whatever happened to …

… dominoes?

I haven’t thought about these or even seen them in years. 

I suppose that I could somehow make this fit into a suggestion for making in the classroom.

After all, who doesn’t have 3,242 dominoes at the ready for such a purpose.  I checked the Walmart site and you can buy a classic set of 28 dominoes for $29.98.  So, do the math before approaching your principal.

I can remember playing the game as it’s intended as a kid.

I also remember the big setups for television to start an activity with the knocking over of the first domino and then it cascades into knocking down the rest.  I was always impressed the proper positioning of the dominoes allowed them to actually climb a hill.

But, this video puts it over the top for me.

It’s labelled a “Fail” but it certainly would surpass anything that I ever dreamed of.

So, …

  • does anyone play dominoes anymore?  I can remember watching people play on the Danforth when I lived in Toronto.
  • have you ever “made” something with dominoes?
  • do you still own a set?

Do you have an idea or thought that would be appropriate for my “Whatever happened to … ” series of blog posts?

Please visit this Padlet and add your idea.  I’d love for it to be an inspiration for a post!

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