More with the Olympic games

Who isn’t watching the Olympic games?

There certainly isn’t a shortage of television or internet coverage.  It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when you’d have to wait for the next day or even longer to get the results via newspaper.

This time around coverage is everywhere – CBC, TSN, Sportsnet.  There’s always something to watch.

But, for those few moments of downtime, there’s now the Google Fruit Games.

You’ll need to download the Google App for your device.

You’ll see games like you’ve never seen before.

My current favourite is the bicycle riding game although trying to out run the watermelon was pretty challenging.

I guess it could be worse; I could be chasing Pokemon characters.

Ever the programmer, I’m impressed with how gestures are incorporated into navigation in addition to access on the screen.  To date, I don’t think anyone has videoed my body English as I navigate.

Just some advice – if you’re sitting on a park bench and don’t want to be swamped by little kids, turn the volume down or use headphones.

Just saying…


OTR Links 08/10/2016

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