Not showtime yet for me

I've been asking people if they'd received the Windows Anniversary Update yet.  The most common response was "I think so" but that's about it.  I would have thought that it would have been a momentous event.  I figure that there would be the massive changes to the Edge web browser if there was.  So, when … Continue reading Not showtime yet for me


OTR Links 08/13/2016

The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! Stories via @mlbrackmartin @Laholwerda @pjeffrey #ontedleaders #rio2016 — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) August 13, 2016 tags: IFTTT Twitter ontedleaders rio2016 The Best of Ontario-Educators 4 Daily The latest The Best of Ontario-Educators 4 Daily! Thanks to @jessicaoutram @kellywitley @HSolway #rio2016 #tdsbed … Continue reading OTR Links 08/13/2016