Rock And Roll Never Forgets

So you’re a little bit older and a lot less bolder
Than you used to be
So you used to shake ’em down
But now you stop and think about your dignity
So now sweet sixteens turned thirty-one
You get to feelin’ weary when the work days done
Well all you got to do is get up and into your kicks
If you’re in a fix
Come back baby
Rock and roll never forgets

– Bob Seger – Rock And Roll Never Forgets

How’s that for a blast from the past?

A friend of mine shared this with me and I’ve been chewing up the bandwidth ever since.

It’s called the Nostalgia Machine and takes you on a musical memory throughout the years.

It was a nice memory for me of listening to the radio – even as a youth, there was only one station.  CKLW!  It has changed its format over the years but it was on everyone’s car radio presets!

How about 1979?

It just reaffirms – today’s music doesn’t hold up to the classics.  Don’t even think about calling them the oldies!

If you’re looking for some memories, head over and enjoy a selection of music from 1960-2013.

Me, I may just kick back and play my copy of Night Moves from beginning to end.

Author: dougpete

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5 thoughts on “Rock And Roll Never Forgets”

  1. Dear Doug,

    Another awesome post! I love the Nostalgia Machine!

    For those who know me well, they say I’m an old soul because I only listen to music from the 60s, 70s and especially the 80s (Duran Duran are my all-time favourite band…still waiting for them to come to Switzerland!). I rarely like something from today (sorry to say).

    I am thrilled you chose 1979 because that is when I was born! I went on there to see Billy Joel (I LOVE his music),Donna Summer, the BeeGees, love them all! And The Gambler came out that year – it is my favourite Kenny Rogers song!

    Thank you so so much for sharing this, Doug. I know how I’ll spend a huge part of today ; )


  2. Very cool share, Doug! I looked up 1984 – halfway through University for me – and am reminded of the awesome music! The classics are the best! 🙂



  3. Brenda – that makes you just a teeny bit older than me, ’cause 84 was Grade 12 and 13, and my summer in Germany – that was a GREAT musical year. I have to admit to Vicky, though, that listening to CBC Radio 2 has restored my faith in modern music. I’m loving the 60’s/70’s retro vibe of bands like Lake Street Dive and Anderson East. Thanks Doug for the fun!


  4. Doug, I’m with you on sitting back and listening to Night Moves, end to end. My latest replay fave is Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours!


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