#BIT16 off to a great start

I know that it came out on the weekend but the initial results are impressive.

In case you missed it…

The Great BIT Proposal Challenge

The Bring IT, Together conference is now accepting submissions for sessions from:

The call will remain open until March 31, 2016.

I know that there are many folks who don’t check social media over the weekend so this is for you!

There are lots of great people in Ontario who regularly present their thoughts and I know were just waiting for the announcement to come that we’re accepting proposals.  That’s great and I’ve heard from some of my favourites that they’ve already submitted.  They were probably writing and refining this year’s proposal at the conclusion of last year’s conference!

There’s another group of educators though…  Maybe they’ve never considered presenting at a conference or they’re just tinkering around with a new concept or something.  Hopefully, it’s been visible on social media or through colleagues.  The Challenge is a reminder, and perhaps your opportunity to push someone, to submit a proposal.  The Conference Committee most definitely wants to present the best possible conference for attendees. 

So, here’s your opportunity.  If you’re going to the conference or, even if you can’t go but want to encourage others, let them know by challenging them publicly.  As I was walking the dog, I was trying to think of the opposite of “Public shaming”.  When I got home, I did what any connected educator would do in the year 2016.  I checked it out online.

Here’s what I got.

  • Public pride
  • Public approval
  • Public esteem
  • Public honour
  • Public praise
  • Public respect

Thanks, thesaurus.com.

If you know anyone who you’d like to encourage to submit motivated by this list, just send out a Twitter or other social media message…

I challenge @xxxxxx to submit a proposal to talk about xxxxxx at #BIT16

Let’s get the best of the province considering it!

You can follow the activity on Twitter with the hashtag #BIT16

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