Checking it twice

When you write a blog post, you never know what the response will be.  I think that’s one of the addictive things about blogging.  I’ve “met” so many people who want to continue the discussion about a point that I’ve made (or tried to make).  If I could just get them to make their comments public by replying to the original post! 

Regardless, it’s nice to get feedback whether it’s to the post itself or on any social media where people share their thoughts.

Yesterday, I shared the ability of the Wikipedia to make a list.  I think that’s such a powerful feature and I liked how the conversation was extended in the comments. 

There was another comment sent my way that didn’t make it to the public viewing so I think I’ll make reference to it here without outing the source out of courtesy.

The comment went along the lines of this “It’s only valuable when it’s kept up to date”.

Of course, that’s true, and a concept that you wouldn’t think would need stating but I guess it does. 

Given that the context was registration for kindergarten, it makes sense.  Any organization that’s in the public eye these days must certainly have someone who takes care of the social media presence of the organization.  There are two reasons that come immediately to mind – one is to get the good word out, and the other is to make sure that the information is correct.

So, if the organization has a Wikipedia page, is it monitored?  After all, anyone can edit a page. 

If the organization has a website or other presence, is it current?  Do you have your list of principals, office admin, and teaching staff up to date?  Particularly in these times of choice, if a parent goes to a school looking for Mr. A, Principal and is greeted by Mrs. B, Principal, there’s a certain message about accuracy there.

Are there links with dead ends?  Have you opened a new school?  Is it there?  Have you closed a school?  Is it there?  How about a link to a tribute page?

It’s not uncommon to see people head to the internet for medical advice.  It’s not that unreasonable to do the same thing when making a choice of schools.

Have you checked your list?

OTR Links 02/18/2016

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