Beautiful weather

I was so taken by the news app from Yahoo! that I talked about yesterday that I poked around to see what else they had to offer.  And, in doing so, I found another that quickly made its way to my phone.

Until now, I had used the standard weather app that came installed and then I installed another one just to get a second opinion!  Both were pretty plain and just provided the weather and the forecast.

Sure enough, there’s a weather app.  But, I’ll tell you right now, it’s the most beautiful weather application that I’ve seen.  I think the promotion on the landing page says it best “Don’t just check the weather – see it. Only Yahoo Weather brings you Flickr photos of your location and current conditions, backed by the most accurate forecasts.

It delivers on that promise.

Last nights massive thunderstorm has passed but when I checked the app, there was realistic 3D water running down the screen.  Amazingly, it was a balmy 8 degrees when I checked it first thing this morning.  We’ll have to enjoy today because things are going to go back to normal soon.

Of course, like all weather apps, you can check to see how the other side lives.  If I’m going away, I always like to have the weather set for the destination.  How are my friends in San Diego making out in the plans for the CSTA Conference this summer?

Not too shabby.  But, the app goes beyond that.  How about a visual of the weather patterns?

It looks like all the bad weather has headed east.  I know the dog will be happy.

There’s another interesting feature had I scrolled down a little further but it made no sense doing so in the early morning hours but you can see sunset and sunrise times along with a little graph showing where the sun is. 

I’m really happy that I stumbled on this pair of apps from Yahoo!  They’ve been a fresh shot in the arm for my phone.  The hamburger menu on the weather application indicates that there are more available.  I may just go and play around and see.

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