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Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) has released another new Sketchnote.  I know, because she tags me in the release of new notes and I retweet her message to help spread the message.  So, whenever someone else retweets it, I get notified.

Given the amount of notifications since this was released, this may be her most popular one yet.

This time, she’s taken on the concept of the Growth Mindset with a summary of interesting statements.  I personally found it interesting and worked my way through the chart.  It did start a great deal of thinking on my part.

One of the things that did strike my fancy was how short the “Fixed Mindset” statements were when compared to the length and amount of clarification given in the “Growth Mindset”.  Is there a message that “Fixed” sees things in simple terms, a black and white scenario if you will?


Thanks, @sylviaduckworth


In addition to the simple act of retweeting, there have been some comments in the message along with comments like “this would be good to post in my classroom”. 

My first reaction was, of course it would.  Certainly, you would have to understand the statements to ensure that you’re completely comfortable with them should you be questioned by students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and anyone else who happened by and read them.

My second reaction was, can you legally do it?  Has Sylvia copyrighted her work which opens a whole different can of worms.

As it turns out, yes, she has attached a copyright to it.  It’s a Creative Commons Attribution License.

You should be aware of the entire license but, in part, this in particular.

It’s a very free and liberal license that she’s applied to her work.

So, there are some things that would be appropriate use:

  • post it in your classroom;
  • make it a start for professional learning discussions;
  • use it in a presentation;
  • send it home in a newsletter;
  • ….

All within the license, provided proper attribution is given.  It certainly does open up a realm of possibilities.

Of course, you’ll want the best quality original.  Sylvia has posted them to her Flickr account.  This note is located here.

If you’re looking for a Flipboard collection, select it here.

What are your thoughts?  What other ways could you use a Sketchnote?  Would you use this one?

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8 thoughts on “Mindset and More

  1. Doug, I really like your insights on this note! I wonder about using it as a “jumping off point” for a class look at a Growth Mindset. In older classes for sure, I can see having students creating their own “Instead of”/”Try Thinking” statements. This could be a great application of word choice and align with many of our Learning Skills as well. I wonder if any classes could update the image to represent their new ideas. While I love the idea of posting Sylvia’s Sketchnote in the classroom, I wonder if it would be even more meaningful for kids if they played a role in personalizing it. I’m curious to know what others think.



  2. Dear Doug and Aviva,

    First of all, thanks for posting this, Doug! I wish I could credit the original author of the statements but there are so versions out there, and no one seems to know who came up with them first! I sometimes wonder if people I cc’d on the first tweet mind when the tweet goes viral. Please let me know if it bothers you! Thank you also for letting teachers know that they can reproduce the image and share with others. Teachers often contact me to ask for permission to post, but there really is no need to. I am so honoured when people have a positive reaction to my drawings, it’s what keeps me producing them!

    Aviva, I love your idea of students creating their own responses to the Fixed Mindset statements. I would love to see this, so please share if you get around to doing this!



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