This is a “must explore” if you’re interested in animals.  But, it goes further than that.

This application is one of the most amazing applications of Artificial Intelligence on a portable device that I think I’ve seen.  Watch this review.

The application is ZooKazam and available for both Android and iOS.  I think that you know you’re in for something special just visiting their website.  By itself, it takes the concept of the web to the next level.

They call it “magical animals” and the name is so true.  You have to experience it to fully understand.  Words just don’t do justice for a good description of the experience you’re about to enjoy.  Download the app and get started just by pointing your camera at a number of the targets provided on their website.  Then, dig in and you won’t be putting it down any time soon.

Experiences can be recorded and shared.

YouTube is a terrific repository of compositions shared.  Of course, the sharing continues on Twitter.

The application is free to download and the Mammals category is free.  That’s plenty to get your virtual zoo started.

It’s not just the virtual reality, either.  You just know that there will be a hook into education.


I’m posting this on the weekend so you’ll have lots of time to explore and play!

And, lest you think it’s a Macintosh thing since all the captures seem to be done on that platform, here’s my zebra.



6 thoughts on “ZooKazam

  1. interesting new look to the blog, Doug. the only thing I’m not sure about with this app (which I’m afraid to share with my younger son, because he’ll disappear into it) is the need for a colour printer, which I know would be an issue for some of my students. Am I missing something that would eliminate that need? I notice some of the YouTube videos aren’t using one.


  2. Hi Doug, My name is Alexis I am a Student at the University of South Alabama. I found the ZooKazam app to be very interesting. This app would also be very useful in the classroom for educational and fun purposes. However, like previously stated by Ms. Noble I am concerned about how would you use this app if color ink is not available. Can this app still be used only using black and white ink?


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