I "stumbled upon" this web page last night and sent it out via Twitter to be picked up by anyone that cared. The story was an article showing off the photography of Art Wolfe. They are pictures of nature.  We've seen many of them.  What made this collection so unique was that the imagery was … Continue reading Hiding


OTR Links 01/10/2013

Google Flu Trends | United States Google Flu Trends http://t.co/VHcnC2Qm tags: via:packrati.us Evernote shared notebook: RT @mguhlin: Introduction to Openness in Education, the 2013 Edition http://t.co/OJmz386Y tags: via:packrati.us Why Apple Clearly Thinks You're Stupid | Cracked.com Why Apple Clearly Thinks You're Stupid | http://t.co/qvG4yV75 - via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/FqwPTAGA tags: via:packrati.us Cracked.com - America's … Continue reading OTR Links 01/10/2013