Live cameras

I have to give Ben Schafer a nod for bringing this to my attention.

Of course, I had to check it out and, like Ben, became totally fascinated with it.  Ben’s original note took me to Brown Bear Cam where the hunt was on for salmon.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 6.41.13 AM

Getting your fill is indeed hard work!

You’re not limited to bears though.  Navigation across the top of the screen will let you satisfy all your desires for watching nature.

It was when I got curious about what Zen Cams might be when I found my moment.  It was watching honey bees.  Pick a bee, any bee, and watch it work.  Fascinating.

So, if you’re looking for live, real animal resources, you’ve just got to check this out.

Thanks, Ben.



I “stumbled upon” this web page last night and sent it out via Twitter to be picked up by anyone that cared.

The story was an article showing off the photography of Art Wolfe.

They are pictures of nature.  We’ve seen many of them.  What made this collection so unique was that the imagery was of animals hiding themselves in their natural surroundings.  The first image had me hooked and I’ll admit that I spent a great deal of time looking through them.  As Tim Slack points out…

Now, the images on the web page are copyrighted so I really can’t include them here but you can see the entire collection here.  Even more images are here.

I tweeted the link out and that means that it will also appear in my Diigo account.  No problem.  The collection had me really thinking today.  Not only is it incredibly well done, but it is one of those pieces that can be scaffolded as many ways as you can imagine.

In this case, I could see:

  • Projecting the image on a screen for a class finding activity (click each image for a larger one);
  • Working in small groups to find the animals;
  • Doing some research on each of the animals.  I know that I’d never heard of a Willow Ptarmigan before;
  • Discussing the habitat shown for each of the animals.  Could they survive in another environment:
  • Taking another picture of an animal and discussing how it would hide itself in its environment;
  • Discussing why it is important to the animals to be able to hide in their environment.  Do all animals need to?

I’m sure that there are all kind of ideas that spring to mind the more you think of it.  Please feel free to share below.