Now with Graphics

A new feature to Google Forms appeared without any fanfare that caught my attention.  I did not know that you could include images until I sat down to create a new Google Form myself and discovered it.  I think it’s a pretty cool feature.  It will raise the bar in both presentation and functionality forContinue reading “Now with Graphics”

Pictures to Perspective

Living in Southwestern Ontario, we do get our share of storms.  For the most part, you just hunker down and wait until it’s over.  The biggest inconvenience that I think we’ve ever had might be a power outage for a period of time. Three years ago, a tornado hit the Leamington area.  It did someContinue reading “Pictures to Perspective”

A New Type of Blog

Muzy calls itself “a new kind of blog for your creative side!” Well, I’m not sure that I have an all that creative side but I decided to take a look at it and my first impressions were very favourable.  In fact, I could see the format and the tools in Muzy appealing to manyContinue reading “A New Type of Blog”