The Sweater

Bill Belsey knows his Canadiana.  I mean, how many people could make the Twitter handle @Inukshuk work?  I met Bill when we both were presenting at the Teacher2Teacher conference in Alberta.  We had a great conversation there about First Nations and I’ve followed him on Twitter ever since.

In my Twitter stream today, I caught this…

It’s one of my favourite short stories.  It’s based on the book by Roch Carrier and I only knew about the digital version on the NFB site.

But, Bill pointed out there is a version available on YouTube.

If you’re a Canadiens fan, you need to enjoy this video over and over!

What was even cooler was that the back and forth led to even more interesting discussions.

I mean…would today’s student understand the reference to Eaton’s?  Growing up, that certainly was a reality for me.  Or Simpson’s?  Or watching a radio?

Thanks so much for the original message, Bill.  It started a wonderful chain of thoughts with me.

p.s. I always wondered what number was on that Maple Leafs’ jersey?  10?  7?  4?  27?


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