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  • An app for that

    Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be an application to handle just about anything for you. How about one to help you get fit? That’s where GymGenie wants to fit into the scheme of things. With a free and a paid option, now Artificial Intelligence can help you get fit. There’s even an… Continue reading

  • AI and music

    As I normally do, I listened to the local radio station this morning and this was one of the things that Tymo was talking about. It was actually pretty cool and brought back memories of Beatles’ work. There is no shortage of applications that claim to be able to generate music for you. A… Continue reading

  • Creating a virtual space

    If you’ve noticed, I’ve use the Bing Image creator to generate some of the images that go in this blog. It’s quick, easy, and gets mostly what I want unlike trying to generate something by myself or finding something on a free image sharing site. Yesterday, I read about a new image generator application that… Continue reading

  • Your job? Your career choice? Should you be worried?

    The World Economic Forum is good reading if you teach business education or if you just generally want to know what’s going on in the world. Recently, I read with interest, this article. These are the jobs most likely to be lost – and created – because of AI In my own mind, after reading… Continue reading

  • Sprucing up history

    I had a smile when I first saw this and, the more I thought about it, the more logical and opportunistic it is. We know that Artificial Intelligence is the hottest thing going these days. You sit at your keyboard and chat back and forth with an Artificial Intelligence agent as it works its resources… Continue reading