Kids these days

It’s not uncommon during our dog walks for me to wear my ear bugs and sing along to some of my favourites. I’m so fortunate to have lived in the great era of music and a subset is on my iPod. As I was listening the other day, I realized that there are references in some of the music that today’s kids would have no concept of.

That’s the inspiration behind today’s post. I’ll pull the song from YouTube and you get a chance to determine what it is. Don’t worry; it’s a little obscure, I’ll provide the answers below and with a little work, you can get it.

As always, I’m not egotistical enough to think I’ve got them all so please feel free to add ones that I’ve missed.

Answers provided by the timeline

  • Sylvia’s Mother – 0:35
  • Straight Tequilla Night – 0:19
  • 409 – 0:04 (and repeated so so many times)
  • Blinded by the light – 0:22
  • Penny Lane – 0:55
  • Suds in the bucket – 2:00 and 2:42
  • Big Yellow Taxi – 1:02
  • House of the Risin’ Sun – 3:35
  • The End Of The Innocence – 1:56
  • Old Time Rock n Roll – 0:06


With so much electronic music, would they recognize the unique instruments in these songs?

4 thoughts on “Kids these days

  1. My iPod reads this blog! It offered up this song this morning. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it when writing the post. So many references to point to just one.


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