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Country Music Artists Christmas Playlist

I was walking the dog in the Navy Yard last night and the town has speakers in one area where they were playing Christmas songs. That reminded me of growing up with my Mom’s Christmas Playlist. It wasn’t a playlist by today’s concept – it was black and round and you played it on a record player. To shuffle songs, you had to get up and move the needle to the gap between songs and gently drop it into place!

With both the town’s and my Mom’s way of doing things, there really was a limited selection of songs. These days, we have a much more robust set of options.

I decided that I would create my own playlist so that we could enjoy the sounds of the season and I’m sharing some today and tomorrow. Today’s list is Christmas songs created by artists that would be found in the County Genre.

They were playing as we were stuffing Christmas stockings.

There were some pleasant surprises as I put this together and I’ll break them out as videos.

Ingrid Andress – Christmas Always Finds Me

Calee Reed – What Child Is This?

Shirley Temple – I’m Getting nuttin’ for Christmas

Alison Krauss – Shimmy Down The Chimney

Elvis Presley, Martina McBride – Blue Christmas

Roy Orbison – with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Pretty Paper

The complete playlist is available below in both Spotify and YouTube Music formats. I can’t find an embed block for YouTube Music so just the URL is there.


YouTube Music

Of course, Christmas music is available everywhere these days.

What do you think of my choices? Are there some songs that I missed that should have been included? Please help me make it better if you have others.

You might also be interested in this playlist of Peace Songs. Since the situation in Ukraine happened, Stephen Hurley and I have been opening and closing the This Week in Ontario Edublogs radio show with them.


YouTube Music


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