My lesson for today (yesterday)

Lesson learned this morning.

I did my regular morning learning routine. I spent some time between 5 and 6 am doing some reading on my Flipboard account. I’ve used it for many years and have curated just a wonderful collection of resources.

I’ve always been a believer that, if something is worthwhile to me, it might be worthwhile to someone else and I’ve always shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Since I created my Mastodon account, I decided to share there as well.

I had to go into town and do some shopping and returned to check on things and see what was going on.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, my Mastodon account has been suspended because someone or something deemed that I was spamming the system. The learner in me was shaken. The content clearly was news and research stories. Yes, there was a lot of it but one of the best things I ever did for myself as a student was learn how to speed read.

Of course, me being me, they were diverse – from worldwide to Ontario to Education to Technology.

Apparently, I had crossed the line and it was interpreted to be spam.

I thought that perhaps if I’d crossed a line somewhere there might be a warning not to do it again but it was immediately escalated to suspension.

There was an opportunity to appeal and so I did try to plead my case.

I smile when I think of a quote my old boss used to use…

If you’re going to play by the rules, you have to play by all the rules.

I guess I sit now waiting for a reply to my suspension to see what happens next. If you’re looking for some activity from my Mastodon account, you will have to wait. How long, I’m not sure at this point.

I’ll admit to feeling a great deal of unease. This has never happened to me before.

Later on …

I had had a back and forth with Peter Beens about the situation and he reached out to Erin at MSTDN. She lifted the suspension and gave me a couple of hints. I appreciate both Peter for listening and Erin for acting so quickly and decisively. She gave me a couple of hints going forward.

I’ve got to get my mind around this because I don’t want to limit my efforts to a small group of people. Sharing further and to new people does help to grow a network.

I do better understand things on her end and a take on the quote above would be that if you’re playing in someone else’s yard, they get to set the rules. And, I’m OK with that. I just need to know the rules.

That took me on an interesting journey since every instance seems to have their own rules. When you understand how the network works, that only makes sense.

Apparently, there is a discussion and research under way at MSTDN to get their heads around a policy or the line that I was judged to have stepped over. That’s a good thing and, when a policy is created, I’ll read it and see how it fits into the way I do things.

I’ve always believe that social media works when everyone creates and gives back. One of my big bugaboos is watching people just scroll through newsfeeds without giving something back. My very new experience at MSTDN has already landed me in some great conversations and I really value that.

My current plan is to drop back and hopefully get a better lay of the land until I get a clearer vision of how things work.

I’m always open to suggestions.


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