A look back (or ahead)

I guess it’s all in your perspective.

I’ve written about a similar utility in the past but this popped up in my reading this morning. It monopolized a bunch of my time which means it’s worthy of a blog post.

Until I attended the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto, the city of Toronto was kind of a necessary evil for me. Iwent there for professional learning events, concerts and hockey games. We did a bit of shopping but essentially, it was around the fringes.

I did spend a year at the Faculty to get qualified. I ended up renting a room from my Waterloo roommate’s father in East York. Now, if you know Toronto and the fact that I lived in Kitchener at the time, you’ll know that this wasn’t a quick and easy drive.

We couldn’t walk to the Faculty so I learned about commuting Toronto style – TTC buses and then the Subway. As a twenty-something, it was a nerve-wracking experience. Of course, once you do it once or twice it is so convenient and as long as you hung on to your transfer ticket, you could go anywhere.

Toronto seemed so big and intimidating. My friend said yes, but don’t think of it as one big place but as a collection of communities. You live in one community and do your thing in another. That really helped.

All this is a lead in to this – Historical Aerial Imagery Toronto.

You’re presented with a split screen. On the left side, choose a year

Ditto in the right side. What you’re presented with is aerial images from each of the years. Grag the image from one side and move it around. The other side follows. Zoom in and out of each to see the comparative differences. There is a divider in the centre but I didn’t use it much.

I was able to zoom in on familiar landmarks like where I lived, the Faculty, the Don Valley, CNE Stadium (what?) and compared both. It was fun.

Thanks to the developers for giving us such a unique way to look at the Big Smoke.

If anyone is looking for a project, it would be interesting to give us a look and comparison of the Green Belt. It would be nice to see what it was, what it becomes, and if the current government gets its way, what it will become.


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