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December 5, 2022

  • Whatever happened to …

    … the power? Better late than never, I guess.  This would normally have been a Sunday morning post but read on … I’m writing this offline on my Chromebook, watching it try to attach to the internet.  There is none so give it up, computer.  When this actually gets posted will be anyone’s guess at… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 12/05/2022

    untitled Top story: @SesameWorkshop: ‘Sesame Workshop mourns the passing of Bob McGrath, a beloved member of the Sesame Street family for over 50 years. 1/4 ‘, see more — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) Dec 5, 2022 tags: IFTTT Twitter My Week Ending 2022-12-04 – doug — off the record My Week Ending 2022-12-04 —… Continue reading