If you follow me, you know that I enjoy a good word game. Wordle, Wordhurdle, Canuckle, and CrazyPhrase are all on my radar in the morning. They all play much the same – there are blanks and you fill them with letters to form words. Get the right combination of letters to find the hidden word and you win. Each of these games have their own twist which means I can’t just stop at one.

Recently, I’ve been vested in a new game with a new twist. It’s called WordLock. A past game appears here.

What makes this different is that, by looking at the game board, you see the answers. Right now! There are five five-words to be found. You just have to find them.

It seemed so simple when I first looked at it. And, quite frankly, finding the first one or two words is dead simple. The challenge is that once you select a letter, it gets removed from the board and you have to make the next words with what’s left.

That’s where it gets difficult. At times, seemingly impossible. That’s what keeps me coming back.

What’s humbling though is to take a look at the WordLock Twitter account the day after you play a game. Unlike those other games, there is no single solution! For the above puzzle, you have:

Daily Puzzle #12
Possible Words: 158
Total Solutions: 235

With 235 total solutions, all I have to do is find one of them. That doesn’t make it any easier either finding a solution or my ego after beating up on myself for not finding it quickly.

But I eventually did.

Are you a player? Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “WordLock

  1. Doug, I love this game, but I didn’t realize that there were multiple solutions. This makes it almost better. Thanks for sharing! I just wish that the tweeted answer part wasn’t colour-coded. It almost feels like giving away solutions to share that you did the game. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way.



  2. Good morning Doug!

    My current daily puzzle challenges, in order, are:
    Wordle, Canuckle, Worldle, Waffle, and Squaredle.

    I just gave WordLock a try and will try it out for a few days. I like the that it has multiple possible solutions, since you can challenge yourself to find more than one, if so inclined.


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