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Like a web browser, unchecked

As I noted yesterday, Sunday was a great day for auto racing.

One of the things that auto racing is know for is advertising everywhere! Look at the cars and the uniforms that drivers and teams wear and you see it all over the place. And, the bigger the contribution, the better the logo placement and the bigger the size.

A lot of smart people know exactly where the camera angles are for the premier placement locations.

For the most part, auto racing is done on race tracks which are designed with safety in mind. But, every now and again, like the Grand Prix of Monaco, they’re run on city streets.

Because of this, there are fabulous camera shots of buildings, old and new, and of course the huge boats in the harbour. But, with all the building and armour around the track comes new places to put advertising.

During a safety car incident, I created a list of the advertising I saw around the track.

  • Tag Heuer
  • Zepter
  • UBS
  • Pirelli
  • Casino De Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
  • Rolex
  • Tesla HyperLight
  • Heineken

Since the race is run on city streets, additional opportunities about and these companies took advantage on it! A few of them were new to me but since it’s Europe, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As I looked at the television screen, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity to a web browser – a web browser without advertisement blocking, that is!

It’s not that I begrudge advertising – we know that it makes the world go around for many – but it’s the bad things. They can detract from the actual content, clicking on one can take you away from what you’re doing, and they do slow down things as they load. It’s particularly noticeable when you have a slow internet connection like I do.

So, I do have ad blockers active for the most part. They make for a better all round experience.

It wouldn’t work on television though!


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