Followers of mine know that I’ve likely to share new and interesting things that I’m reading.

On any of the Chromium based browsers, one of the first extensions that I add is Shareaholic. It has access to just about anywhere that I want to share things. (and I might share to unique places just for my own purpose)

Now, I know that most services have links on their site for sharing. The problem with that is actually finding them. There’s no standard for placement on a page. Sometimes what looks like a sharing button actually ends up being a link to the site’s actual social media presence. It can be frustrating and time consuming finding the right link.

And there was a time when Shareaholic was also available for Firefox which made for one big happy collector. Then, at some point, it went away from the Firefox add-on. There are still links available on the internet but they’re broken.

I’ve searched and searched and searched.

Over the weekend, I took a dive into the Firefox add-on collection and did something that I should have done a long time ago. I didn’t search for Shareaholic. I just searched for “share”.

And, a huge collection of things appeared. As I poked about, one really caught my attention. – AddToAny

I knew I was in the right place when I found all of its supported places to share. There are plenty of places I didn’t know existed!

With a recent update in March of this year, it appears to be well supported. It is free and also doesn’t require an account to use.

I’m looking forward to giving it a thorough testing.

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