They’re baaaaack

If you read Monday’s post, you’ll note that I was concerned/complaining about someone/something hitting this blog with spam comments.

My solution to the situation was to turn off commenting on that particular post. Blog-wise, things were pretty quiet here yesterday; just a couple of interested and helpful comments.

But, you have to realize that I’m naturally inquisitive. I’m the type of guy that looks at those Christmas presents wrapped under the tree and am dying to know what’s in them. So, I was curious to know if what had been hitting the blog had given up and moved on. I turned on comments again on that particular post.

By the time I’d moved from my office to the rec room, they’d started again. I’m writing this just before noon and here’s the count.

All I can do is just say “wow”. For some reason, this post seems like a honey pot. 161 comments if you do the mathematics!

As you can see, the website, email, and IP addresses really mean nothing. Spoofing and false information is just part of what we deal with online these days. The cost of doing business.

I guess I’ll just turn off the ability to comment on that post and move on.

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