Speaking another language with Google

I was reading about things coming from the Consumer Electronics Show when I stumbled onto this with Google Assistant. Instant translation both in text and audio!

It is kind of neat and works like this…on my Android phone.

“OK Google, …….. Be my French Interpreter.”

Google Assistant called up Google Translate…

I tapped English and asked “What’s for lunch?”

The results came back spoken and by the text above. So, I could continue the conversation in English or French but what was interesting was the “Auto” part which claims to sit there and list for either. Neat.

And, a neat suggestion to who you’re talking to about how you might converse back and forth.

Just remember that Star Trek thought of it first!


2 thoughts on “Speaking another language with Google

  1. I was jus thinking about how I used to use Google Translate to help converse with a child who only spoke Arabic. While not perfect, it helped a lot. I wonder if the Auto feature might allow for more back and forth discussions. How will it do in a noisier classroom? Hmmm … could be worth experimenting.



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