Whatever happened to …

… Pixy Stix?

I was excited about this but first just a reminder that I do read each and every reply to this blog.  Last week, in part, this came from Lisa Cranston.

Mojos and pixie sticks were my favourite. Maybe that’s a topic for another day – whatever happened to penny candy?

Now, this isn’t just your run of the mill opinion blog.  I take research seriously so went into town to do it.  Quite frankly, I hadn’t seen Pixy Stix for goodness knows how long.  Could it be that I just missed them?



Photo Credit: mateuscs309 Flickr via Compfight cc

I grabbed a Sobey’s discount gas slip from the counter.  One of my destinations was the Mac’s Milk that also retails Shell gasoline.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed that gas was $1.01.9.  Wow, with my $0.05/litre discount, this would be the first time in any memory that I was paying less than a dollar for gas!  Research does pay off.

I looked around and, while there was all kinds of candy on sale, no Pixy Stix.  Next stop – Sobey’s and its candy selection.  Nope.  Then the Bulk Food Store.  Nada.

I’ll have to rely on memories.

There are lots of pictures that bring back memories though.  We used to buy them for just pennies at the Fina Gas station by the school.  You’d rip off the paper top, tilt your head back, and let the stuff slide down your throat.  Of course, this was way before things were labelled.  Who knows what went into the “stuff”.  I’m sure that it was mostly sugar; this was way before we were concerned about how much sugar we were eating.  It came in a number of flavours.  My favourite was Lemon-Lime.  Maybe this was where I got a yearning for margaritas?

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • Do you remember Pixy Stix?
  • Do you know where you could buy them today if you were so inclined?
  • Any idea how bad they might actually have been for us?
  • What was your favourite flavour?
  • What other sweet and tart treats do you recall?  I easily remember Lik-M-Aid and Sweetarts.
  • Old time candy purchasing was so risky when you think about it – I remember just picking them up with my hands and putting them in paper bags to check out.  None of these awkward tongs and plastic gloves we have today!  Do you think that built up our immune systems?

As always, please extend the conversation via a reply below.  I can’t be the only person to join Lisa in this sweet walk along candy lane.

This is part of a regular Sunday series and they’re all available here.  They’re fun to write and I really enjoy reading your thoughts.

If you have an idea for a future post, just let me know!  There’s a Padlet here just for that purpose.

10 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, your question about where to buy them had me doing a Google search. It looks like Amazon will deliver them. No need to leave your home for this sugary goodness, 🙂


    I remember selling something similar at our Fun Fair last year — I called them “straws of sugar” — and I thought that we bought them at Costco. Another place to check out perhaps? Good luck on your Pixie Sticks search!


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  2. Haven’t had a pixie stick in years, I was a Lik Em Stiks fan, or sweet tarts. We could only have candy if we had some bottles to return and then we could use that money for candy. On the occasions when we did this we would spend at least a half hour figuring out what to buy and the best “deal”. Real life math and we didn’t even realize we we doing it!

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  3. At the convenience store where my dad bought dad we could trade a dollar for a bag of 94 pieces of candy (yes…they had to charge tax!). We always got an assortment. I still love the Sour Patch candy & Swedish Berries best. Like Ramona we were always looking for bottles to return, or conning Grandma our of a dollar.

    My children often get Pixie Stix in loot bags at parties, which makes me think they can be found at the dollar store. I’m sure their made with some sort of toxic sugar. 🙂

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  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a sweet tooth (then and now). The variety store in Comber carried a selection of penny candy when my kids were little back in the 90s and they still had the little brown paper bags to bring home their selection. I think the only thing remotely close to that now are the bins at bulk barn, but I’ve never seen pixie sticks or mojos there.

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  5. I do recall ingesting the contents of a few of those “straws”… yikes! I remember more availability and purchases of the Lik-M-Aid “envelopes” of sugary stuff though. Horrifying to think of now 🙂 Sour flavours were the best! So, of course I was a regular consumer of SweetTarts. Another penny candy favourite of mine were “Red Hots”, if anyone remembers those. They were like a ju-jube.. round and thick… sweet and spicy hot at the same time. A spicy cinnamon flavour maybe? I don’t want to think about all the red food dye in those..

    Doug, I think the sour/salty Margarita is a much healthier choice for our age 🙂 Better than “Tang” too.

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  6. Thank you, Lisa, Lisa, and Sheila for checking in. Lots of sugar friendship happening here, I think. I’m not determined to check out more places to see if I can track down a vendor. I don’t have a Cosco membership so that option is out. Besides, what would I do with 1000 of them.

    Sheila, I do indeed remember the Red Hots and they were a favourite here too.

    Ever the teacher, what I find interesting is the spelling. Had I not found that website, I think I would have gone with Pixie Stix but I went with their spelling. If and when I find it, I’ll report back.


  7. Sweet Tarts ’til your tongue bleeds 🙂

    I got gas at Costco in Stoney Creek for $96.9 yesterday. You would have had a photo, but you’re not supposed to use a phone near a gas pump.

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