Make a block out of yourself

This is just for fun and giggles.  And, perhaps you’ll find a good use for it.

Lego and blockish things are pretty hot concepts.  Here’s a web application that will turn your image into a piece of art in that genre.

It’s called appropriately – Brickapic.

The site is dead simple to use.  Upload a picture, set the size for the result and let it do its thing.

So, I had to give it a shot – I took an image of me that I’ve used everywhere and sent it up.  It was from EdCampQuinte and taken by Andy Forgrave.


The result?

Kind of neat.


I tried a landscape – beautiful oranges from a morning walk…


In a brickish world, it becomes


In the resulting image, there are a couple of tools to reshape and adjust the result.

Where could you use a quick tool like this?


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