Advice from kids

This is just for a great deal of fun. 

We often get advice on how to live our lives to its fullest from “experts” who conduct and analyse studies to come up with said advice.  It’s often great for a “Top 10” list.

But what about those who are living the life?  i.e. kids

100 things you should have done at school before the age of 11 – chosen by primary pupils

So, I wondered … what did I miss?

Up and down the list I went and I guess my childhood experience wasn’t totally complete by these standards.  Here’s what I missed.

  • 28 – Learn to feel confident in front of your class (I’ve never accomplished this; my nerves still get to me in front of audiences.)
  • 40 – Have a pyjama day (This was never a “thing” when I went to school)
  • 57 – Discover your favourite author (Do you ever really do this? I do have one current favourite and she knows who she is.  Just one more read…)
  • 66 – Call a male teacher “Miss” (Thankfully!)
  • 74 – Play conkers (I had to look up this term and, of course, we all played “chestnuts”.)
  • 81 – Learn to skip (A skill I have never mastered at any level.)

A little mathematics tells me that my childhood life was 95% complete, at least by this metric.

How was yours?  Check out the original list and then do a little personal life reflection.

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