A couple of poor efforts

Every time I think that I’ve “done #FollowFriday” and I’m ready to move on, I get inspiration to not do so.

The past couple of weeks were poor efforts on my part.

First, I was off to San Diego to the CSTA Conference. For a week, I was living on California time so my usual 5am get up was 8am Eastern time.  It’s pretty late to do it, plus I certainly wasn’t up at 5am there.  Thursday night was a great chance to meet up with old friends.  So, I thought – here’s my chance.  Hopefully, nobody will miss me and I can be done this.  As it turns out, I got all these private messages wondering what was happening.  People were missing my Friday morning spam and the chance to make new connections.

Then, there was this Friday.  Like many people, I was up late on Thursday night to hear the speech at the Republican Convention.  I sure wasn’t alone.  I was determined to get back on track – I like the fact that we’re connecting Ontario Educators – and there are some summer courses ongoing and what better way to make new connections.  I didn’t realize it but – I have many politically minded friends!

While the process isn’t fully automated, I do have a routine that “harvests” the most recent Twitter messages from my Ontario Educator Twitter lists.  Normally, that gives me a good sampling of the most recent posters which lends credibility to the adjective “Active”.  What’s the point of acknowledging someone who isn’t active?  The sampling wasn’t as generous as it normally is!  A few of these politicos had “taken over” the stream with their thoughts/observations on Mr. Trump’s speech.  And, I did get engaged with their thoughts in the process.  Republicans should note – Ontario is watching you.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Maybe things well return to normal next week.  Oh yeah, there’s another political convention.

I’ll apologize in advance.

OTR Links 07/23/2016

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