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Curiouser and curiouser

In these times with a renewed interest and focus on building and making, an endless flow of ideas and inspiration can be so valuable. 

If this is you, then The Curiosity Machine is for you.

Here, you’ll find a resource just packed with ideas and challenges to appeal to anyone. 

The Challenges are categorized by type, for example, Science, Computer Science, Robotics, all kinds of Engineering, …  Browse the compilation here.

What’s in it for you?  Check out the Teachers’ Page.

Curiosity Machine offers various levels of access and the projects are supported by mentors.

The concepts look nicely organized with projects for a wide variety of grade levels.  If you’re looking at supporting a Makerspace or just looking for inspiration for your classroom, this site is definitely worth a good look.


One response to “Curiouser and curiouser”

  1. Oh, I am soooo going to make use of this next year! Thanks, Doug -you find (and share) the best stuff.


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